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Financial AID

Tuition funding sources for our programs are numerous. Contact our Admissions Registrar to find the one that is right for you.

  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Assistance through Employment Insurance
  • Bank Loans and Student Lines of Credit
  • Scholarships
  • Bursaries
  • Full payment and Advance Payment Tuition Credits available through Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Easy payment plans

The bursary is a non-repayable award that is designed to help fill unmet need which is the difference between one's assessed financial need and available government assistance.

Provincial and Federal Financial Aid Program

Financial Aid provides financial assistance in the form of loans and grants to post-secondary students who demonstrate financial need.

If you are considering applying for Financial Aid, you should consider early registration in order to reserve your space for the next start date and to allow enough time for processing. Provincial or Federal funding assistance generally requires an extra four to six weeks to ensure that your application is processed and complete.

Please contact our Admission Registrar if you require assistance with your application.

Financial Assistance through Employment Insurance (EI Programs)

Financial assistance may be available for persons receiving Employment Benefits. These programs are only available for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. There are many categories of funding and some of them are explained below in brief and the links will take you directly to the web page.

Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)

The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allows individuals to withdraw funds from their Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to finance training or education for themselves or their spouse or common-law partner and is provided by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Please visit http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/rrsp-reer/llp-reep/menu-eng.html for more information.

Skills Development

The Skills Development program provides a negotiated amount of financial support for skills training to Employment Insurance eligible individuals through Service Canada. Please visit http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/epb/ebsm/index.shtml for more information.

Post-Secondary Student Support Program

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program provides financial assistance to First Nation and Inuit students who are pursuing post-secondary education and is available through Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).


Bursary Programs

In addition to applying for Kosmetae Scholarships, Bursaries and Tuition Credits, there is a Provincial Bursary Program explained briefly below. Follow the link to the website for more information.

The Bursary Program awards bursaries to post-secondary students based on financial need and merit. Bursaries are awarded in collaboration with provincial and territorial financial assistance programs, which forward a list of eligible candidates to the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation available through Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF). Visit Service Canada and the Ministry of Advanced Education for more information on Student Aid, Funding and Bursaries.


Frida Paulina Norgren and Esther Maria Plantare Entrance Memorial Bursaries

Frida Paulina Norgren and Esther Maria Plantare, the grandmothers of Kosmetae's founder and President, Kristina Norgren, were instrumental in introducing education to the largely rural town of Överboda, Sweden. As the first and third school teachers of their small northern town, both women were highly community minded and concerned with both the educational needs and the social well being of those around them. It is in the spirit of illuminating young minds that Kosmetae Academy is pleased to offer the Frida Paulina Norgren and Esther Maria Plantare Entrance Memorial Bursaries.

The bursary is a non-repayable award that is designed to help fill unmet need which is the difference between one's assessed financial need and available government assistance.


  • You must be enrolled in a full-time program of study at Kosmetae Academy, which means:
    • You must be enrolled in 60% or more of a full course load for the program in which you are registered
  • You must have applied and successfully received funding from  StudentAid BC.
  • You must not be ineligible for government support or commercial lending for reasons such as a disqualifying credit history or being in default on your past commitments to BCSAP.
  • You must have an assessed financial need for the current academic year as it pertains to your particular program of study, according to the assessment mechanism set forth by the President of Kosmetae Academy.
  • You must have a student loan and unmet need for the same session as your bursary.
  • You must apply for the bursary within a month of your start date.
  • Enrolment must be confirmed on your student loans by the bursary deadline.
  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible.
  • Eligible students are expected to rely on StudentAid BC assistance up to the maximum loan availability.