Welcome to an exciting journey in Spa Therapy, Medical Spa Therapy, Creative Hair Design and Nail Technology. My own education in Aesthetics included some of the finest instruction in European based techniques which I wanted to share with others. One of my earliest mentors was Ingeborg Rau, a founder of the Aesthetics Industry in Western Canada. She was educated in Germany, which greatly enhanced my own education, and was also complimentary to my Swedish heritage. Under the guidance of Ingeborg, I found passion and zeal for the Beauty Industry and knew that I wanted to share this passion with others. It was while working with her in Vancouver, that I was invited to mentor and instruct other women. This began my teaching career in 1980.

Teaching in Vancouver's diverse cultural and socio-economic communities taught me many things and led me to develop educational strategies that respect the unique learning needs of each student. We use these strategies at Kosmetae Academy and also include seminars that teach Life Skills to our students. The subsequent success of my students has been truly inspiring, resulting in the development of countless spas and salons in the lower mainland and in the Fraser Valley. Within British Columbia alone, there are over 700 resorts, spas, and lodges generating millions of dollars in annual revenue. This is an industry with many opportunities and exciting careers!

Today, I am proud that our facility is one of only a few schools in Canada that train their students in a spa-like setting with a hydrotherapy tub and Medi-Spa Aesthetic equipment. I also developed a Creative Hair Design program to meet the need for properly trained Hairdressers and to create a fully functional spa and salon for my students.

My student body includes young women just beginning their careers as well as those who have chosen to pursue a second career; young and mature students, men and women; those who found learning easy and those who had to overcome the challenge of a learning disability or for whom English is a second language; and they have all been successful. I am proud to say that my students have found careers in prestigious spas, salons, on cruise lines, and as entrepreneurs. Join them!

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