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COVID-19 – Return to School Safety Plan

Kosmetae Academy made concerted effort towards the health and safety of our community and to limiting the spread of Covid-19.

Along with the requirements of the BC Centre for Disease Control, Kosmetae Academy also administered the internal cleaning of heating and air ducts, as well as repainted the internal walls of the campus.

We require that all staff and students with flu or cold symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or who are feeling unwell, to remain at home and to test for Covid-19. Anyone testing positive for Covid-19 is required to quarantine for 14 days before returning to class.

If a student did test positive for Covid-19 or were contacted concerning “Contact Tracing”, they would follow the guidelines established by British Columbia’s Health Officials regarding self-isolation and the attainment of their groceries and supplies.

Additionally, we ask that all staff and students call Health Link BC 811 or to visit a health care professional with any concerns.

Upon entry into the Academy, all staff and students abide by the following:

  • Hand washing is mandatory immediately upon entry into the Academy
  • Complete a self-monitoring form for Covid-19
  • Hand washing after each break time
  • Attending health and safety meetings if required
  • Students and staff sanitize their tables,and equipment at the end of the day
  • Maintain social distancing throughout the day
  • Face masks are to be worn by all staff and students, in all common areas
  • Additional face shields may be required for some services
  • Models for these services will rinse their mouth with Mint Listerine
  • Equipment and implements are sanitized or sterilized after each use
  • International students would be required to provide a negative Covid-19 test result three days prior to entry into Canada

An international student must also travel directly to their federally mandated hotel without stopping and upon continued successful test results, proceed to their residence without stopping. It is necessary that their living supplies are pre-arranged so that a continued self-isolation period of 14 days be completed.

We also request that an international student provide a negative Covid-19 test result after this self-isolation period has been completed.


Kosmetae Health and Safety Comittee

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