In only 10 months you can have the skills of an Advanced Makeup & Special Effects artist, able to create special effects with career opportunities in a $4.8 billion industry for theater, film, television, entertainment, fashion modeling and photo shoots, or in entrepreneurial ventures as a freelance pro make-up artist.

This program includes advanced make-up fundamentals, glamour make-up, full bridal services, photography concepts, special effects applications for film, television, theatre as well as advanced prosthetics and creature design.

In addition to practical theories, training and demonstrations, our workshops provide you with every opportunity to learn and put into practice your new skills.

This program is eligible for financial aid (student loans) or flexible payment plans. Start your career today! Email admissions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the Academy at (604) 850-5777 to receive premier training in the following: 

  • Fundamental Day Makeup
  • Evening Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Bridal Services
  • Lash Extensions
  • Colour Photography Makeup
  • Black & White Photography
  • Camouflage Makeup
  • Body Airbrush Makeup
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Glamour Makeup
  • Photography concepts
  • Special Effects for Television & Theatre
  • Special Effects for Film
  • Prosthetic Makeup
  • Creature Design



As you near completion, you will see that you have evolved from a student into a professional, with the ability to apply your knowledge and meet industry needs.

Upon graduation, you’ll receive your Diploma qualifying you for global positions wherever you choose. Your training at Kosmetae Academy can take you anywhere in the world!

Whichever path you choose, Kosmetae Academy will ensure that you have the skills and advanced knowledge to establish yourself at the forefront of your industry as a professional Make-Up Artist.



Hands-on experience is fundamental and integral to building your confidence and technique. All of your training occurs on campus in a state-of-the-art facility with current equipment and supplies such as airbrush and out of kits effects make-up. You are given every opportunity to develop your skills, perfect your techniques and express your creativity. With the support of highly qualified instructors, you will be guided through the experience and excitement of providing the best possible make-up design for this continually booming and expanding film industry.



Fundamentals – It is essential for a make-up artist to understand how to provide corrective make-up application to compliment the facial shape, skin tone, and ethnicity of a client. You’ll learn these techniques and principles and how to apply them for dramatic evening make-up as well as for natural day make-up, creating makeover wardrobes for your clients.

Television and Film – Learn all you need to know to be a make-up artist for the fast paced industry of television and film. This segment will develop your fundamental make-up knowledge by teaching you the skills that are needed to effectively apply and design aging make-up with latex, newscaster make-up, beard trimming and maintenance, perspiration and dirt application, tattoo coverage, fake tattoo application, and even how to create the appearance of a face lift by using make-up. Experience the full effect of creating your own character design and put into practice the new skills that you have acquired.

Theater – Prepare yourself for the dynamic world of theater make-up. Give your creativity reign as you explore all the many aspects of aging make-up, ballet stage make-up, men’s stage make-up, character make-up, drag queen make-up and more.

Special Effects – Special effects, or out of kit effects, will help you develop your talent and evolve as a make-up artist. This comprehensive segment explores the many types and degrees of burns and scars, lacerations, swollen eye build up, progression of bruises, stitches, types of bullets, and how they affect entry and exit wounds, frost bite progression, various types of hair and their use and much more. Learn the many ways in which you can use wax and silicone to achieve that “real” look.

Prosthetic Make-Up – Mastering the art of prosthetics requires meticulous attention to detail. This segment will develop your product knowledge as you learn moulding and application techniques using both water and oil based clay and how to create plaster moulds to augment character enhancements. You'll learn how to remove prosthetic make-up while developing appropriate painting techniques.

Creature Design – Developing character projections for theatre or film often requires extreme alterations of an actor's appearance. Learn techniques using both the art of painting and prosthetic applications to design creatures and characters such as "Spock" on Star Trek or the "Orcs" from Lord of the Rings. Explore and develop your creativity as you design your own creature and character representations.

Photographic Concepts – As your attention to detail is further developed, you will learn how to effectively design creative photographic concepts as well as photoshop. Detailed training and instruction, showing you how to enhance stage design with effective lighting, appropriate wardrobe styling and appropriate concept hair styling, is integral to this segment.

Special Services – Enhance your services by becoming an expert in various forms of eyelash extensions to create a natural or dramatic look. Explore the many interesting dynamics when using an airbrush and compressor, creating flawless make-up application. You’ll receive extensive training on the application of various types of make-up and camouflage coverage along with acrylic and water based paints and understand when and why they are most effectively applied.

Bridal – Gain a competitive edge with the ability to offer full bridal services including bridal make-up, bridal hair styling, manicures, pedicures, French polish application and nail art. This segment will give you a solid base for successfully launching yourself as a free lance make-up artist into the lucrative bridal industry.

Theories – Knowledge is the key to a successful professional practice. You will gain this knowledge during theory lectures including colour theory, facial structure, nutrition, make-up guidelines for stage and set, product knowledge, and more. You will gain the necessary skills in which to successfully market yourself or to start your own business as well as appropriate procedures for industry and customer consultation.



Application Fee $250.00
Administration Fee $100.00
Tuition $16,900.00

Additionally, student kits are purchased the first day of class.

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