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Kosmetae is an internationally recognized Academy for Beauty and Medical Spa Therapy, with graduate students who feel confident, work ready and ready for life!

Learn Spa AestheticsWith our expert instructors, you will be guided to an exciting career with skills that can take you anywhere in the world.

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  • International Recognition
  • Accredited Academy
  • Modern Trends
  • Excellent Industry Reputation
  • Student Support Services
  • Career Preparation
  • Respectful Learning Environment
  • High Standards of Health and Safety


Take a look at our program page to see which ones suit you. If you would like assistance to choose the best program for you, please contact us by email or by phone. The opportunities for you are endless!


              "Kosmetae, the most outstanding school in British Columbia".


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"Kosmetae, the most outstanding school in British Columbia."
Tara Gilbert


Choose an exciting career in Spa Therapy or Hair Design, achieving your dreams in less than a year.

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