In 6 months you'll be a qualified, sought after Nail Technician, with the confidence to establish your own business or to pursue a career in successful salons and spas.

This amazing program, combining practical spa theories and training in an engaging and diverse series of demonstrations and workshops, affords you every opportunity to excel. Your first three weeks of training focuses on developing detailed workmanship and continues throughout the entirety of your program. Comprehensive theories will provide you with the knowledge needed to effectively perform each and every service.

Kosmetae’s Professional Nail Technology Program has a monthly intake; we are currently accepting applications for our next program. This program is eligible for financial aid (student loans) or flexible payment plans. Start your career today! Email admissions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the Academy at (604) 850-5777 to receive premier training in the following:   

This Career Program includes comprehensive training in the following:

  • Acrylic Overlays
  • Gel Overlays
  • Enhancements
  • Nail Sculpting
  • Nail Fills
  • Nail Mending
  • Spa Manicure
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Gel Polish
  • Nail Art



In addition to practical spa theories, training and demonstrations, our workshops allot you every opportunity to learn and put into practice your new skills.

As you near completion, you will see that you have evolved from a student into a professional. You will have the ability to apply your knowledge to each service, using your critical thinking to effectively analyze your client in order to meet their individual needs.

Upon graduation, you'll receive your Diploma and qualify for B.C.'s Beauty Council certification. Your training at Kosmetae Academy can take you anywhere in the world!

Whatever path you choose, Kosmetae Academy will ensure that you have the skills and advanced knowledge to establish yourself at the forefront of your industry as a professional Nail Technician.



Hands-on experience is fundamental and integral to building your confidence and technique. All of your training occurs on campus in a state-of-the art facility, with the most current equipment including a pedicure lounge and a fully ventilated nail technology room. You are afforded every opportunity to develop your skills, perfect your techniques and to express your creativity. With the support of highly qualified instructors, you will be guided through the experience and excitement of providing the best possible client service, frequently with the reward of a tip!


Enhancements - Adding artificial length to the natural nail is an ancient art that has been in practice since Egyptian times. In this segment, you will receive extensive training in creating beautiful extensions by applying tips or by sculpting, using both gel and acrylic. You will learn the art of e-filing to safely and efficiently blend, shape and rebalance the nail, and also learn how to apply a nail prosthesis.

Overlays - An overlay, with either gel or acrylic application, is applied to the natural nail in order to provide strength and beauty to that nail. This segment will provide you with in-depth training on how to effectively apply a gel or acrylic overlay to all nail shapes and to all nail lengths and to perform nail mending for clients who have split and weakened nail plates. As well you will be able to provide your clients with gel toe nails to give them a flawless, long lasting French look or to fix that one chipped corner.

Nail Art - Set yourself apart as an artistic Nail Technician. Discover your brand of creativity by providing clients with unique, modern nail art. Learn all the current trends; learn to apply nail art with a free hand; learn to create interesting designs, as well as blending various colour combinations using polish, gel or acrylic.

Spa Manicure - As hands are often the first that we notice about someone, a manicure is an essential treatment. In this segment you will learn proper nail shaping, cuticle management, massage techniques and meticulous polish application and effectively perform a water, hot oil or a deluxe spa manicure. You will be able to turn an essential treatment into a luxurious day at the spa.

Spa Pedicure - A pedicure is heaven for your feet. Provide the ultimate service for your clients by learning proper nail shaping, cuticle and callosity management, blissful massage techniques and meticulous polish application. This segment will enable you to provide a memorable service in the form of a basic or spa pedicure that will keep your clients coming back.

Business - As chains of nail salons continue to grow, it is essential that you set yourself apart from your peers and be known for your quality service and expert techniques for the booming industry of Nail Technology. This segment will provide you with business management concepts, salon set up and design, sales and marketing techniques and proper client consultation.

Theories - Knowledge is the key to a successful professional practice. You will attain this knowledge during theory lectures including sanitation and sterilization, anatomy, chemistry, nutrition, nail disorders, life skills and more. You will also obtain the necessary skills in which to successfully market yourself or to start your own business, and the appropriate procedures for client consultation and care. Guest speakers regularly attend our facility to expand your product knowledge and to provide you with a deeper understanding of industry standards, quality service and quality presentation.



Application Fee $250.00
Administration Fee $100.00 
Tuition $4,350.00

Additionally, student kits are purchased the first day of class.

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“I have never worked with such down to earth aestheticians, who were completely work ready, without further education or training.”
Julia Danielson, Spa Director, Harrison Hot Springs, BC








"Whatever I needed, the staff at Kosmetae took the initiative to provide extra help and time. The instructors and Kristina were really nice."
Goldy Gauba, Abbotsford, BC

Special attention is given to your level of education as we believe no service can be performed effectively
and efficiently without a deep understanding and knowledge of all aspects of the industry.

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