"Kosmetae, the most outstanding school in British Columbia."

Tara Gilbert- CEO, Beauty Council of BC

“Kosmetae Academy is highly regarded as the most successful of aesthetic schools in British Columbia. They provide their students with a superior level of education and therefore produce some of the most knowledgeable aestheticians in the industry. Graduates are usually placed immediately, and are found to be quite successful.”

Midi Hosein, Europe Cosmetique, Burnaby, BC

“I have never worked with such down to earth aestheticians, who were completely work ready, without further education or training.”

Julia Danielson, Spa Director, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

"Kosmetae has been a wonderful part of my life and relaxation for years. I've been coming to your school for over 10 years and always know I will be treated with professionalism and receive extremely competent personal care. Simply everything about your school is first class. From atmosphere to student attitude and skills sets one knows they will have a wonderful experience. As a professional speaker who travels weekly, I look forward to my time at Kosmetae as 'me time' to refuel and refresh"

Lynn Giuliani, President, Progressions Inc., Bellingham, WA

"Your students are highly qualified and I recommend to other businesses that they only hire Kosmetae graduates."

Rav Sidhu, Spa Director, Solaris Day and Laser Spa, Abbotsford, BC



"I think the instruction is fantastic. I appreciate the high work ethics displayed by the instructors and the expectation of the same from us, the students. I really appreciate my instructor’s high intelligence and her relentless patience in assuring us about what we learn and that we understand the subject at hand."

Kathy Giesbrecht, Abbotsford, BC

"Whatever I needed, the staff at Kosmetae took the initiative to provide extra help and time. The instructors and Kristina were really nice."

Goldy Gauba, Abbotsford, BC

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed attending Kosmetae. I knew right from the beginning I was going to love it. I walked into the school with my head down and walked out with my head high. I felt confident of what I had learned. Two weeks after I was finished I had a job lined up for myself. I went in and knew I could work and be confident in what I knew."

Lisbeth Holm, Powell River, BC

"Everything about the program and the Instructors were awesome."

Shannon McRae, Chilliwack, BC

"My education at Kosmetae, which included technological training, got me a job right away. It's worth working with people knowing that I satisfy their beauty needs."

Ramandeep Dhaliwal, Abbotsford, BC

"The instruction was state-of-the-art."

Donna Titus, Bellingham, WA

"Now when I visit my doctor I can impress him with the proper names of our body from head to toe (or from my parietals to phalanges)."

Diane Watson, Chilliwack, BC

"The first time I walked into Kosmetae Academy I knew this was the environment in which I wanted to receive my Hair Design education. Not only was it a very clean, relaxing and friendly, but a professional environment as well. Coming from a profession dealing with education, I have high expectations for my chosen educational institute...My instructor constantly educates me with the highest standards to prepare me to be marketable to the high expectations of upscale salons and clients."

Kelly Macphee, Bellingham, WA



"The students are very cognizant of skin types and textures, facial anatomy and pathological lesions. Accompanying the facial, manicure or pedicure is the 'coup de gras' – the massage."

Dr. Diana Follack, Abbotsford, BC

"As a regular customer of Kosmetae Academy since 1990, I would like to commend this establishment for the professional atmosphere created and the calibre of workmanship provided. The students are organized, efficient and congenial. The management ensures the service delivery is at a professional level and materials are appropriate all times. The training received is obviously first class."

Beverly M. Holroyd BEd. MEd., Abbotsford, BC

"A+ service. I have been here 3 times and am always thrilled with the results. The students are professional and wonderful. Fabulous service."

Cecile Chow, Abbotsford, BC

"You provide outstanding services and have staff that are professional and willing to answer questions. They are not just doing a job but they make me feel that I really matter. The facility is very representative of the industry; it's relaxing and everything I expected and more. Kosmetae compares with facilities in European countries. I am proud to have this in my own neighbourhood."

Marta , Abbotsford, BC

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"Whatever I needed, the staff at Kosmetae took the initiative to provide extra help and time. The instructors and Kristina were really nice."
Goldy Gauba, Abbotsford, BC

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