Kosmetae's programs are designed to accommodate the many responsibilities that you may have, providing you with flexible schedules and rich programming.

Classrooms are interactive and engaging, resulting in both group and individual attention. You will receive your instruction and demonstrations in a modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment that includes laser machines, skin remodelling technology, a hydrotherapy tub, a pedicure lounge and an extensive student clinic facility. This learning environment ensures that your educational experience is both current and comprehensive.

Our commitment is to provide quality education to students by:

  • Enriched program content
  • Modern trends and technology
  • Exceptional student support services
  • Career preparation

As an educational facility is developed for the pursuit of intellectual development, study and review groups of 2 or more students are encouraged and found to be effective. However; if during the study and review blocks, any innuendo towards a fellow classmate or employee by a student or an employee regarding anything pertaining to conduct of a sexual nature, whether non-consensual or consensual, within the parameters of either the Academy or Dahlstrom Centre is prohibited and any non-consensual sexual contact would be directed to the authorities.

Kosmetae Academy is dedicated to the educational pursuit of its students, providing this in an inclusive and safe environment. We uphold both students and staff to this environment with confidence.


  • Students have the right to learn in an environment that is clean and safe and without sexual, discriminatory, political, or religious harassment
  • Students have the right to the application of Canada‚Äôs Privacy Laws within the Academy
  • Students have the right to access School Policies and to have to have these policies explained, should that be required
  • Students have the right to procedural fairness and due process in any investigative procedure
  • Students are required to follow school policies as outlined in the Student Handbook
  • Students are required to refrain from conduct that endangers their health or safety or the health or safety of others
  • Students are responsible to schedule appointments with appropriate staff members for resolving academic or personal problems as required
  • Students are responsible to follow safety procedures during lab practicums, and during field trips
  • Students are required to obey civil and federal law, if conscinable
  • Students have the responsibility to understand that posting erroneous internet content is subject to investigation and response, including pursuit in a court of law

Kosmetae Academy is dedicated to the educational pursuit of its students, providing this in an inclusive and safe environment. We uphold our students and staff to this environment with confidence.

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"Kosmetae has been a wonderful part of my life and relaxation for years. I've been coming to your school for over 10 years and always know I will be treated with professionalism and receive extremely competent personal care. Simply everything about your school is first class. From atmosphere to student attitude and skills sets one knows they will have a wonderful experience. As a professional speaker who travels weekly, I look forward to my time at Kosmetae as 'me time' to refuel and refresh"
Lynn Giuliani, President, Progressions Inc., Bellingham, WA



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