Kosmetae's programs are designed to accommodate the many responsibilities that you may have, providing you with flexible schedules and rich programming.

Classrooms are interactive and engaging, resulting in both group and individual attention. You will receive your instruction and demonstrations in a modern facility with state-of-the-art equipment that includes laser machines, skin remodelling technology, a hydrotherapy tub, a pedicure lounge and an extensive student clinic facility. This learning environment ensures that your educational experience is both current and comprehensive.

Our commitment is to provide quality education to students by:

  • Enriched program content
  • Modern trends and technology
  • Exceptional student support services
  • Career preparation
  • Respectful enviroment 

Dispute Resoultion Policy 

We have a well-defined process to resolve any issues that may occur. The following process will serve you in the most efficient way and any problem will be resolved fairly and efficiently. 

The following steps are to be followed regarding any dispute with respect to interpretations of the school contract, curriculum delivery, policies or any other dispute.

i. Concerns are to be emailed to the Director, Kristina Norgren at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ii. The Director will gather all factual informaton from the complainant, instructors and any other persons involving concerning interpretation of the school contract, cirriculum delivery, policies or any other dispute and will document the conclusion in writing, providing the student with a copy.

iii. A reconsideration of the determination would directed to Angela Hendley, Senior Instructor. Students have the right to procedural fairness and due process in any investigative procedure

Sexual Misconduct Policy

An educational facility is developed for the pursuit of intellectual development, therefore, study and review groups of 2 or more students are encouraged and found to be effective. However, if during the study and review blocks, any innuendo towards a fellow classmate or employee by a student or an employee regarding anything pertaining to conduct of a sexual nature, whether non-consensual or consensual, within the parameters of Kosmetae Academy is prohibited.   

A written disclosure or complaint can be made to the Health and Safety personnel, namely Olubukola Sodipo, without requiring a report to be filed with local authorities. However, to report a crime such as a sexual assault, a written disclosure or complaint must procede this report; However, filing a police report is optional.

A crisis line for sexual assault victoms can be reached at (604)-872-8212 and is confidential, free and accessible 24 hours a day. 


Kosmetae Academy is dedicated to the educational pursuit of its students, providing this in an inclusive and safe environment. We uphold our students and staff to this environment with confidence.

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“I have never worked with such down to earth aestheticians, who were completely work ready, without further education or training.”
Julia Danielson, Spa Director, Harrison Hot Springs, BC

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